About Councilmember Duffy

Patrick Duffy was first appointed by City Council in September 2017 to represent the residents of District 3 (D3).

Duffy replaced John Williams, who resigned from Council on August 15, 2017. Duffy is a Financial Advisor for First Financial Equity Corporation and for the 9 years prior to his appointment to City Council, he worked part-time as a City of Surprise Recreation Leader 3. He has lived in Surprise for ten years, four of them in D3. Duffy is currently a Board Member on WESTMARC, as well as an ex-officio Board Member on the Surprise Regional Chamber of Commerce. He also serves on the Committee on Community Outreach, Partnerships and Grants and the Performance Evaluation Leaders. Duffy was a member of the Surprise Municipal Property Corporation Board and through his city service has been part of numerous Community and Recreation Services events including Spring Training support, Relay for Life events and Cal Ripken All-Star games. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University.

Duffy’s appointment expired December 31, 2018; and he was elected to the seat to serve out the remainder of the four-year term (two years) in the August 2018 Primary Election. The remaining two-year term expires December 31, 2020.