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Council receives FY16 City Manager Recommended Budget

City Council received the $294.7 million Fiscal Year 2016 City Manager Recommended Budget, Tuesday night, which was crafted to shore up immediate operational needs, continue service increases and prepare for the future.

The recommended budget includes funding for the following:

  • Pavement Preservation
  • Maintaining mid-year Dial-A-Ride service expansion
  • Mid-decade census
  • 18 new full time positions (Public Safety, Utility Operations, general government operations)
  • Surprise Regional Library operations (as required by previous agreement with the county)
  • Continues Express Route 571
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Asset replacement

It also includes policy recommendations to increase fund balance reserves.  As a result, the General Fund balance reserve will increase by over 14% from the prior fiscal year to $17 million.

“The budget focuses on shoring up operational areas in need; pursuing higher levels of maintenance and replacement of vehicles, equipment and buildings; and continuing the service level increases and capital improvement plans outlined by City Council over the last fiscal year,” says City Manager Bob Wingenroth.

Council is scheduled to take action on a tentative budget May 5, with a final budget vote on June 2.  FY16 begins on July 1, 2015.

The complete FY16 City Manager Recommended Budget is available on the homepage of www.surpriseaz.gov.