Youth Summit

Youth Master Plan In Development

It’s an exciting time in Surprise!  You can feel the city coming into its own. We are growing into a well-rounded community where families can enjoy a healthy lifestyle, find and keep good jobs and build a sense of home and community.

It’s clear that now is the time to reach out to our young people. Young people are the foundation of a growing city, and it’s important that they get engaged early. That’s why I think it’s vital to have a Surprise Youth Master Plan. This strategic plan will help guide youth services, projects and initiatives now and in the future. The best part about the plan— students will lead the development process.

The long term vision, through the successful implementation of this student lead planning process, is for the City of Surprise to become the leader in youth opportunities, services, and programs for the Valley. The development and implementation of this document will integrate youth into the formal planning process, and incorporate shared leadership opportunities for youth within our growing city.

Recently, we conducted several youth surveys as preliminary research for the Youth Master Plan. See the results here:

While we are planning for the future, we are also focusing on today. Read more about the ways we are currently engaging youth in Surprise, here.